Erb’s Palsy Lawyers

Erb’s palsy lawyers can help you determine if your child’s injury and disability resulted from medical malpractice. If it did, they will provide expertise and guidance as you take legal action to recover damages for your child’s future care.

When Do I Need an Erb’s Palsy Lawyer?

If your baby has signs of Erb’s palsy after delivery, you should talk to a lawyer about the situation and your options. You may not be sure that medical malpractice had a role in your child’s injury, but a lawyer can look at the evidence and give you a good idea. They can provide advice and help you take legal action if you decide to do so.

What Can an Erb’s Palsy Lawyer Do for My Baby and Me?

Only a lawyer experienced in medical malpractice, birth injuries, and Erb’s palsy can provide the expertise you need to move forward with legal action. Don’t settle for a general lawyer or a personal injury lawyer without the relevant experience. The right lawyer can help both you and your child.

  1. Erb’s Palsy Lawyers Have the Right Expertise to Give You Answers
    Having a baby should be a time for celebration, but a birth injury has left you scared and confused. It’s difficult to accuse a doctor or question a hospital, especially if you don’t understand what happened or your rights. The right lawyer has helped parents like you. They can answer your questions, explain the laws, and give you options based on your rights in this unfortunate situation.
  2. A Lawyer Will Put Your Mind at Ease
    You need answers and options during this confusing time, but you also need someone else to take the lead. Working with a lawyer will help you rest easy, knowing you are doing everything possible to help your baby.
  3. A Lawyer Can Investigate Your Case
    Even if you feel certain your doctor made a negligent error leading to your baby’s Erb’s palsy, proving negligence isn’t always easy. You need detailed evidence and expert testimony. Your lawyer will have the resources to investigate, find the right evidence, and call on expert medical witnesses to make your case.
  4. You Need a Lawyer to Go up Against Insurance Companies
    Doctors and hospitals are backed by big insurance companies with powerful legal teams. Their job is to provide as little compensation as possible to victims like your child. You cannot go up these lawyers alone. An experienced birth injury lawyer knows how to approach them, how to prove negligence, and how to push them to pay compensation.
  5. The Right Lawyer Recovers Maximum Damages
    The insurance company may offer you a settlement, but you are likely to get less than what they truly owe without legal representation. A lawyer will maximize damages and ensure your baby gets adequate compensation for medical care now and in the future.
  6. A Lawyer Can Litigate on Your Child’s Behalf
    A settlement is a typical outcome for a medical malpractice case. Sometimes settlement negotiations do not resolve to your satisfaction. In that situation, the right lawyer will be able to take your case to court, prove negligence with evidence and testimony, and ensure the jury sees the harm caused to your child.

How to Find an Erb’s Palsy Lawyer

You may have several sources of referrals for a good lawyer that you hadn’t considered. Advocacy groups for disabled children may be able to help, as can your state’s bar association. You may also have met parents with similar situations who can provide suggestions.

If you have no reliable referrals, you’ll need to search for a lawyer through advertising and websites. As you go through this process, look for the following in the lawyer or firm you choose:[1]

  • Personal injury, medical malpractice, and birth injuries as areas of specialty
  • Specific experience working with Erb’s palsy clients
  • Proof of wins for previous clients in similar situations
  • Settlement wins as well as experience litigating and getting jury verdicts
  • Accessibility and a willingness to answer all your questions
  • Resources to be able to investigate your case with no up-front charges
  • A contingency payment plan
  • A free initial consultation and case evaluation

What Does My Lawyer Need from Me?

When working with any lawyer, they can do their best job only when you are completely honest and provide all the resources and information available. When meeting with your Erb’s palsy lawyer, first ask them what to bring. Most likely they will want to see:

  • Your and your child’s medical records from pregnancy through labor and delivery as well as all treatments for your baby’s injury
  • Medical bills
  • Your recollections of what happened in the delivery room, and those of anyone in the room with you, such as a spouse or other family member
  • Any physical evidence you have of your child’s condition, such as photographs of their injuries or written evaluations from a doctor providing a second opinion
  • Contact and insurance information for all medical professionals and hospitals involved in the situation

Working with an Erb’s palsy lawyer is the first step in making sure doctors and other medical professionals are accountable for mistakes. It is also the first step in getting your child the damages needed to provide the best care going forward. 

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