Railroad Injury Lawyers

Railroad injuries can be severe and even cause fatalities. A railroad injury lawyer helps employees file claims for compensation after accidents. They also help passengers harmed by railroad accidents sue for damages.

What is a Railroad Injury Lawyer?

Railroad injury lawyers specialize in personal injury and work accident cases that occur in the railroad industry. For passengers, proving negligence in train injuries can be complicated. Only lawyers experienced in these cases and the many laws that govern them can help recover damages.

Employees of the railroad industry are more likely than passengers to get hurt, and they don’t have workers’ compensation for related expenses. They rely on compensation through the Federal Employee Liability Act, or FELA.[1] They often need a lawyer to get through the complicated claims process or to sue for compensation.

Do I Need a Railroad Injury Lawyer?

Whether you are an employee or a passenger on a train, if an accident caused you injuries and damages, talk to a lawyer. You may be unsure of your rights or what laws apply. You may not know if you are entitled to any compensation or if someone else can be proven negligent and liable for your damages.

This is why speaking with an experienced railroad injury lawyer is so important. More specifically, you need a lawyer if you:

  • Have a lot of medical bills related to the accident
  • Are in significant pain or have a long recovery
  • If you cannot go back to work or earn the same income as before the accident
  • May have a permanent disability
  • Suffered disfiguring injuries
  • Have been traumatized by the accident
  • Have been contacted by the railroad, an insurance adjuster, or a lawyer representing someone else

How Will a Railroad Injury Lawyer Help Me?

If you don’t know what to do next, or if you want to take legal action, but aren’t sure how to do it, talk to a railroad injury lawyer. Here’s what they can offer:

  1. Expertise. Claims and lawsuits related to railroad accidents are highly specialized. Even for passengers with personal injury claims, a railroad injury lawyer can provide particular expertise. They understand the industry, how people get hurt on trains, the industry standards and safety guidelines, and how to investigate an accident to uncover negligence.
  2. Peace of mind. You likely feel lost after an accident, especially if you suffered significant injuries. Going up against a railroad can be overwhelming. Even if you don’t have a strong case, a lawyer can assure you are doing everything possible to seek justice and recover damages.
  3. Expert investigators. All cases of negligence require an investigation into the incident, and railroad accidents are highly specialized. Only a railroad injury firm can provide the resources and experts necessary to find evidence.
  4. A chance to recover damages. The railroad’s insurance company will make every effort to not compensate you. Without a lawyer advocating for you, recovering damages is difficult. They can help you get compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and more.
  5. A day in court. Sometimes these cases must go to trial. Many end in settlements because it is in the best interest of the insurance companies. They may refuse to settle, though, or offer you inadequate compensation. A lawyer can take them to court, argue your case in front of a jury, and get you the compensation you deserve.  

How to Find a Railroad Injury Lawyer

Railroad injuries and accidents are niche areas of the law. Personal injury lawyers may not have the expertise to help you. Start with these firms but narrow them down to those with actual experience on railroad cases. They should be able to show you wins for similar clients. Choose a lawyer or firm based on these factors as well:

  • A free case evaluation or initial consultation to provide advice
  • A lawyer committed to spending time on your case, who won’t simply hand it off to associate lawyers.
  • Someone who is always available and willing to answer your questions
  • An estimate rather than a guarantee of an outcome or specific damages amounts
  • Resources for fully investigating the incident
  • Experience in court as well as in negotiating settlements

What Does My Railroad Injury Lawyer Need from Me?

Handing your case over to an experienced lawyer is a big relief, but this is a working partnership. You have a role to play as well. One of the most important things you can do is provide your lawyer with all the information they need to investigate and make your case:

  • The accident and injury reports
  • Your recollections of the incident
  • Any witness recollections
  • Information about safety violations on the railroad, whether or not you think they played a role in your accident
  • Your medical records and bills
  • Information about your income, ability to work, and lost wages
  • Any mental healthcare you have received because of the incident

Your lawyer can best help you if you are completely honest about what happened. The amount you receive in a FELA claim may be reduced if you had any fault in the accident, but it will not be denied. The lawyer needs to know everything.

Railroad injuries can be devastating and life-changing. Make sure you have the best possible chance of being compensated for an accident by working with an experienced railroad injury lawyer.

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